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Unicity International is one of the leading nutritional companies in North America with offices in Orem, Utah.

Today, Unicity works with some of the most respected hospitals, universities, and research institutions around the world to create high quality, efficacious, science-based, nutritional formulations designed to address our countries leading health concerns.

Unicity's products combine the latest in scientific research and technology with proprietary blends of the best ingredients (including Bios Life).

Our products are manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities that are subject to stringent quality control.

100% Money-back Guarantee - Unicity is so confident in the products it offers that all of them come with a 100%, 60-day, money-back guarantee. We encourage you to take the next step and see how Unicity's products can improve your health and well-being. After all, what have you got to lose?

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