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According to the American Heart Association, some 17 million Americans are afflicted with diabetes, and that number grows rapidly as sedentary lifestyles and convenience-oriented eating habits prevail. Today pharmacy shelves are well stocked with insulin, insulin sensitizers, and glucose desensitizers, all of which play an important role in managing this widespread disease.

However, long-term use of these costly medications can cause a range of harmful conditions including insulin resistance, liver dysfunction, and edema. Even with the assistance of medication, most diabetics will eventually succumb to complications of the disease, such as blindness, nerve damage, and kidney failure.

But recent clinical studies and scientific reviews point to a safe, powerful, natural product that can help patients control blood glucose levels-a key to long-term management of diabetes. Bios Life® is clinically proven to help improve glycemic control, decrease hyperinsulinemia, and lower plasma lipid concentration in patients with Type 2 Diabetes.1 This approach can serve as an effective adjunct and an eventual replacement for prescription medication.

Bios Life® is a natural formulation that protects the body from the damage that can be caused by glucose and insulin spikes by delaying gastric emptying and lowering postprandial blood sugar.2 Simply put, when patients take Bios Life® shortly before a meal, it creates a gel fiber matrix in the stomach. As the gel moves through the intestinal tract, food gets trapped inside it for short periods of time.

This lowers the rate at which food is absorbed, thereby extending the time over which blood-sugar levels rise and fall. With this more gradual process, the average blood-sugar level remains lower throughout the day, stabilizing both blood glucose and insulin at a healthy and acceptable plateau.

Bios Life® is easy to use and safe for long-term usage. It's simple to incorporate into a daily routine, which can lead to higher compliance. Each serving contains a patented, scientifically-formulated matrix of fibers, vitamins, and anti-oxidants which the body needs daily.


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Bios Life® proved effective in a clinical trial conducted by Independent Certified Diabetes Educators working with Diabetes in Control.com that was presented at the 2001 American Association of Certified Diabetes Educators (AADE) conference.

Results from Fiber Supplementation Study

This independent group studied diabetic patients for three months and gave them Bios Life® twice daily before meals.
  • Average reduction in postprandial 3 blood glucose of 17.2 percent
  • Average reduction of fasting blood glucose of 17 percent
  • Average reduction of total cholesterol of 17 percent
  • Average reduction of HbA1c of 15.2% in the 1st three months of usage. (HbA1c is an indicator of average blood sugar levels.)
  • Average drop in blood pressure of 5 percent
  • Average drop in body weight of 4 percent (8 pounds)
  • Average drop in triglycerides of 42 percent
  • Average increase in HDL cholesterol of 6 percent

When the vascular endpoints are averaged, the study shows an overall reduction in macro vascular endpoints of 18 percent. And it shows an overall reduction of micro vascular endpoints of 17 percent.

To access a copy of this study, go to http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/studies/fiber.shtml

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